Can Swimming Help With Your Back Pain?

Posted on March 4, 2020

Swimming is a fantastic activity for overall wellness and health. Swimmers experience a host of benefits, from lower blood pressure to better muscle tone. For people with chronic pain, swimming is especially helpful. Water activities are much easier on the joints than land-based activities, making aquatic exercises more comfortable and even enjoyable than others. 

Swimming may be particularly beneficial for those who experience back pain. Swimming is a core and muscle strengthening sport. Of course, before diving into the pool, it’s always important to first be evaluated by your physician. You want to make sure that your condition won’t be worsened by the activity. Your physician at Riverside Pain Physicians can make sure that it is safe for you to participate in a swimming regimen. We can also offer guidance regarding the length of time you should swim or any other additional considerations. However, for most people with chronic pain, even light exercise can go a long way toward helping to relieve pain symptoms and promote positive mental health. 

What Are the Best Swim Strokes for Back Pain?

There are certain strokes that are best for people with back pain. If possible, you might consider using the services of a trainer in order to learn proper, appropriate swim technique and reduce the risk of injury. Your physical therapist, too, can offer guidance and advice. 

Some doctors recommend the simple breaststroke and backstroke, as other strokes involve more movement from your torso and could cause problems. However, you might find that you prefer a certain type of stroke over another for your own individual pain needs. Once you’re used to swimming and feel comfortable with your body’s response to exercise, you can potentially build up to trying other types of strokes, if you’d like. If the strokes are too much, you might give water aerobics or water therapies a try. Even the most gentle of water workouts can often be beneficial for back pain. 

As always, it’s most important to pay attention to your body’s signals when participating in any kind of exercise program. If you feel pain or exhaustion, take a break. If anything concerning should happen, such as fainting or dizziness, stop and call your doctor. 

How Often Should I Swim?

Talk with your doctor at our pain management center about the number of days and length of time that you should swim each week. In general, most world health organizations recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate activity each week for adults. For individuals managing chronic pain, that amount of time may be less. Any amount of exercise is usually beneficial for the body and mind. 

Swimming in Jacksonville

As Floridians, we certainly live in the right state to participate in swimming. Of course, there’s always the beaches or your own pool, but Jacksonville also has many wonderful resources for swimming right here in town. Your new swimming regimen is a great opportunity to explore the recreational opportunities in Jacksonville. 

Concerned About Your Back Pain?

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