4 Travel Tips When Living With Chronic Pain

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Sometimes it feels as though chronic pain is running your life. You feel it no matter what you do, and it can be a big drain on your energy. But it shouldn’t stop you from seeing the world if that’s your dream, and it doesn’t have to. Traveling with chronic pain certainly has its own challenges, especially if you plan to go sightseeing. You can become fatigued more easily and you might feel as though you’re not able to keep up at the same speed. But there are things you can do to keep your chronic pain manageable while you travel. Here are a few travel tips for chronic pain that we recommend:

Take a Bottle of Water Everywhere You Go

If you live with chronic pain, it’s important to stay hydrated, but it’s even more important when you’re traveling. Just about anyone who is traveling is bound to be walking more than they’re used to, and when you have to deal with pain, you can become fatigued quickly. Having a steady source of water will keep you refreshed. You should also keep a healthy, easy to eat snack on hand, like a granola bar or something of that sort.

Go At Your Own Pace

It’s easy to pack too much into your travel itinerary, only to find when you arrive that you only have time for half of that. This is doubly true when you have chronic pain. You may not be able to get to everything you wanted to see or do, which can be a bummer, but go easy on yourself. If you feel yourself getting too tired or strained, call it for the day or at least let yourself take a nap before heading back out there. Do what you can, but don’t try to do everything.

Take a Direct Flight, If Possible

Takeoff and touchdown can be rough on many different types of chronic pain — and so can shuffling through the airport or waiting in line. If you have a transfer — or multiple transfers — you quickly become tired of the whole routine. It’s easier on your body if you can find a direct flight so you only have to deal with the hassle once. If not, find the flight with as few connections as possible.

Pack Lightly

Don’t pack half your closet when you’re taking a four day trip. Try to keep things light. After all, you’ll have to lug that bag around. You can use old carry-on tricks like rolling your clothes instead of folding them to keep things lighter, or buy travel-sized hygiene supplies at the airport instead of bringing your full-sized items from home. This will also help you save money when it comes to baggage. If you can get everything into one carry-on bag, so much the better.

Before leaving for your trip, talk to your physician about other things you can do to manage your pain while traveling or any changes you might need to make with your medication. Want to learn more? Contact Riverside Pain Physicians today.

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