How Did Ruth Bader Ginsberg Work Through the Pain?

Posted on September 28, 2020

With the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, (known to many as RBG,) we express our heartfelt condolences to those mourning the loss of her, and honor her legacy by remembering those exceptional qualities that made her such an extraordinary being in our time. There are many reasons the life of RBG is notable, including her […]

Does Changing Weather Really Affect Arthritis and Joint Pain?

Posted on September 17, 2020

You may have known someone with arthritis who claimed to be able to predict the weather by the pain they feel in their joints. If you were skeptical about their claim, you may be surprised to know that scientists have found overwhelming evidence indicating that there really is a strong link between certain weather conditions […]

Non-Opioid Alternatives for Relief from Chronic Pain

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Many Jacksonville area patients who suffer from chronic pain conditions are desperate for relief but reluctant to risk the side effects and potential for addiction that are often associated with taking prescription opioid medications. Even worse, the prospect of invasive surgeries and difficult recovery times is far from appealing to many (if not most) patients, […]

Do You Know What’s Causing Your Chronic Back Pain?

Posted on August 7, 2020

Back pain comes in different forms and intensities, and affects each individual differently. One patient may feel a dull aching in the lower section of the spine, while others suffer through sharp pain that only occurs when they perform certain physical activities. Whatever the symptoms, back pain can be truly debilitating. But by understanding the […]

Riverside Pain Physicians Makes Surgical Facilities Available for Florida Physicians

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about dramatic changes in everyday living, both in the way that people interact with one another and also in how business and activities are conducted on a daily basis. Indeed, it has been a challenging year for many people, to varying degrees. But one of the ‘bright spots’ in these […]