Common Causes of Neck Pain in Jacksonville

Posted on April 4, 2018

Neck pain is one of the most commonly cited issues people struggle with and most of the population will experience this type of pain at some point. Here at Riverside Pain Physicians, we have helped many patients reduce and even eliminate their neck pain, and we can do the same for you. To better know how to treat neck pain in Jacksonville patients who come to us we have to know the most common causes of neck pain, which includes the following:

Improper Lifting– many people end up hurting themselves by trying to lift or carry too much or by lifting and holding things in such a way that it puts too much strain on their spine and causes injury.

Poor Posture– depending on what your normal routine is like you may do a lot of sitting at a desk or behind the wheel and having poor posture can really mess up your neck and cause pain.

Bad Sleeping Habits– if you wake up most mornings with a stiff neck or suffer from neck pain throughout the early mornings you may be sleeping in a bad position that is stressing your neck and pinching nerves.

Repetition Injury– some jobs are harder on the neck than others- ones that have you doing the same thing all day long, such as lifting or looking at a computer or straining your neck can lead to injury and pain.

Slip and Falls– if you slip and fall, whether at home or somewhere else, the fall can very easily jar your neck and cause problems with nerves, the vertebrae, discs, and muscles and leave you with a great deal of pain.

Auto Accidents– of all the injuries sustained in an auto accident, whiplash is the most common and can range in severity from a minor strain to extensive damage that can result in serious injury to the spine.

Sports Related Injury– sports are a great way to stay fit and active and they can be a lot of fun, but many contact sports often result in injuries to the head, back, or neck.

Age Related Issues – as the body ages, it begins to break down and issues with the spine are often one of the main areas where pain occurs due to the deterioration of the bones and discs of the neck and back.

To get help with your neck pain in Jacksonville or the surrounding areas, come see us today at Riverside Pain Physicians—you will be glad you did!

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