Common Treatment Options for Back Pain in Jacksonville

Common Treatment Options for Back Pain in Jacksonville

Posted on August 2, 2016

Pain in the lower or upper back can make simple movements very difficult for a person. Simple actions such as bending, sitting or getting off the floor might be difficult for you. In many cases, back pains are caused by old age. With the passage of time, your bones tend to get weaker, thus making it difficult for you to walk and move as freely as you once did. Many people suffer from back pain throughout their lives and they never seek any sort of treatment. If you are suffering from back pain, there are plenty of treatment options that you can consider. Here are just some of the many treatment options that you can opt for (many of which are non-invasive):

Massage and Dedicated Pain Treatment

At Riverside Pain Physicians, we specialize in administering a variety of non-invasive treatments to people who suffer from back pain. If you have suffered an accident or any traumatic injury which hinders your daily movement, the first thing that we will do is find the source of the pain. Manual manipulation is one of the best ways to treat back pain. We will target specific regions on your back that cause pain, and try to find the source of the pain in order to treat you properly.

Lifestyle Changes

You may be amazed to hear that making simple lifestyle changes could actually alleviate back pain. We offer a wide range of treatments related to back pain in Jacksonville area, and one of the first things that we recommend to our customers is a change in lifestyle. Making simple changes to your lifestyle, such as integrating a bit of physical activity in your life could make a world of difference. Many people often suffer from back pain because they don’t integrate any sort of physical activity in their life.


Steroid injections can also be used in order to alleviate back pain. Our experienced physicians will first decide the muscles to target, and will then administer epidural steroid injections in order to alleviate the back pain. These treatments are slightly more expensive as compared to non-invasive treatments. When you first contact us for back pain treatment and set an appointment, we will carefully diagnose the injury or pain and ask about your medical records. Once we have all the information, we will then create a dedicated pain treatment plan for you. It may or may not include invasive treatments (this mainly depends on the severity of your medical condition). In certain situations, surgery may be the only option available.