How Good News Can Help Relieve Your Chronic Pain

Posted on May 11, 2021

It seems these days there’s no shortage of troubling news out there, and thanks to current events, many people are feeling more stressed out than ever before.

It’s not unusual to be adversely affected on a mental and emotional level by an over-abundance of worries and disruptions in everyday life. But after a while, these interferences can be overwhelming, and detrimental to overall health and well-being.

Excess stress and anxiety can take it’s toll on the body in myriad ways, particularly for those who are already living with a chronic pain condition. Physical suffering combined with mental strain can be debilitating; and the added intensity may result in increased pain symptoms.

Now, more than ever, it’s critical to find a way to take a break from the overwhelm of current events… (aka, bad news).

While it may sometimes seem hard to turn away, (and we do need to be kept updated about critical events or alerts,) it is important not to become so immersed in the chaos of news and media that we reach a point of over-saturation. This only increases stress and generates negativity in the reader/viewer, which in turn intensifies any pain symptoms that are already present.

The good news is that news isn’t all bad. Here are a few ways to help absorb positivity in order to counteract the bad effects and increased discomfort of constant negative thinking:

  1. Refrain from engagement when possible

    With so many subjects being discussed on the internet, it’s best to avoid the ‘rabbit’ hole of reading through social media comments posted on controversial topics. Diving into the fray can trigger stress hormones and lead to frustration, negativity and sometimes even regret, when words are posted in the throes of anger.

    Steering clear of heated discussions can help prevent any unnecessary anxiety and negativity that may result in intensified pain symptoms.

  1. Find the good in the world

    Fortunately, there are many heartwarming stories and positive topics to be found, if only we take a moment to look for them. The internet makes it pretty easy to find happy, informative and interesting subjects with just a few clicks. Here are some ideas:

    Google “good news” and you’ll find no shortage of exactly that; take your pick from sites such as Readers Digest’s “Good News Stories from Around the Word to Brighten Your Day.” (Just the title alone sounds uplifting, right?)

    b. Educate yourself on topics of personal interest by exploring online information pages, tutorials, or joining forums specifically dedicated to your desired subject. Learning new things not only provides distraction from day-to-day troubles, it also generates a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

    c. Shift your perspective and engage in daily mindfulness and gratitude by bookmarking websites containing inspirational quotes, uplifting music, or thought-provoking poetry. Whatever moves you in a positive direction, do more of that.

  1. Unplug

    Sometimes it’s good to simply walk away from the ‘noise’ of daily news and events altogether. While it’s never advised to keep one’s head perpetually buried in the sand, that doesn’t mean it isn’t important to push everything aside once in a while and spend time on nourishment for the soul.

    This may mean getting out to enjoy nature, taking a luxurious bubble bath, or even as simple just turning off the TV and computer. Whatever you do, try to step away from it all now and then for a more refreshed, positive outlook.

If you live with chronic pain, try to find ways to avoid the negative and invite positivity into your life. Every individual has their own unique ways to find happiness and pleasure; find what brings you joy and avoid those elements that drag you down. You’ll soon find yourself feeling less stress, and likely less pain, thanks to an overall greater feeling of well-being.

Chronic Pain is Bad News

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