How Does Back Pain in Jacksonville Affect Your Lifestyle?

Posted on January 27, 2017

There is a point when back pain in Jacksonville goes from being a nuisance to being something that really shapes how you live your life. Back pain in Jacksonville can start out as something that you must navigate around but it can quickly become something that you build your whole life around. You find that there are more and more things that you just cannot do and less things that you even want to try to do because the pain and the fear of the pain starts to rule how you live.

The Debilitating Nature

Back pain without treatment can spiral out of control and become a debilitating feature. Over time without attention you can find:

  • Walking becomes harder
  • Standing for long periods is difficult
  • Sitting is uncomfortable

The physical pain can be anguish at times without treatment but that is not the only affect back pain has. Your mental state is greatly impacted by back problems. When there are more things that you cannot do than there are things that you can do it becomes very hard to be optimistic about life. It is not unusual for people with back problems to withdraw from family and friends and social gatherings.

How Is It Affecting You?

Most of the time people that suffer with back pain do not realize how different their lifestyle is immediately, as they are making different choices because of the pain, they do not realize how they are all adding up until they are living a completely different lifestyle. Many times, it is not a lifestyle that they would choose for themselves. Take a few minutes to consider how your back pain is affecting your lifestyle, if you are not living the lifestyle you want, it is time to make the call to Riverside Pain Physicians and get the help you deserve.

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