Regain Your Mobility with Pain Management Treatment

Posted on February 28, 2018

There isn’t much that’s more frustrating than dealing with leg pain. Whether you’re dealing with pain in your hip, knee or any other part of your leg, it is difficult to try to maintain daily activities. When it hurts to walk or move, it’s time to seek leg pain treatment in Jacksonville. Leg pain can result from many different kinds of issues. You need to be diagnosed so that the cause of your pain can be discovered as well as treated. When you make an appointment at Riverside Pain Physicians, they will help you discover the cause of your leg pain as well as devise a comprehensive treatment plan to eliminate your pain. Their treatments include minimally invasive, nonoperative treatments with minimal recovery time. Each patient is guaranteed the respect and medical care they deserve so they can live an improved quality of life.

Eliminate the Root of Your Leg Pain

The goal of pain physicians is to eliminate the the underlying causes of your leg pain. There are many treatments and modalities available, with each providing specific treatment of the highest standards. Of course, treatment starts with an accurate diagnosis so the precise cause of the pain can be alleviated. The staff at Riverside Pain Physicians take the time to get to know their patients so that they can create treatments that match each individual. A customized plan will be developed for you in regards to your specific leg pain. The overall objective is to assist you in achieving lasting relief that gives you the ability to live without pain.

Which Kind of Pain Treatment Is Right for You?

Since there could be any number of reasons why you are suffering from leg pain, it takes a diligent pain physician to get to the bottom of the issue. Depending on the cause of your leg pain, there may be several different types of treatments available. Of course, your pain physician will discuss each type of treatment in regards to how well it would benefit you personally. Available treatments can include HYALGAN injections used for knee pain, fluoroscopic guided hip injections, viscosupplementation used for arthritis in the knee, or prolotherapy treatments used for chronic knee pain. Your pain physician will want to know more about your pain including whether it is intermittent, consistent or just a long-lasting pain that tends to go away after a few hours. After much consideration and consultation, you will be provided with pain treatments that help put you back on the path to pain-free mobility.

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