Symptoms of Arthritis Pain You Need to Know

Posted on May 10, 2018

Arthritis is commonly associated with advanced age, and while it is true that it is much more prevalent in older individuals, it is a condition that can affect younger adults and even children in some cases. It can be caused by the natural deterioration of the body tissues over time or it can be caused by an injury, unusual use of a part of the body, or a combination of physical and environmental factors which lead to arthritis symptoms:


Joints are most commonly affected by arthritis and it causes the natural cushion and lubrication of the joint to break down. This makes it harder for the joint to move freely and can lead to stiffness.


When the natural soft tissue of the joints breaks down due to arthritis it can cause pain as bone rubs on bone and nerves can become pinched or even severed, which can lead to a bevy of problems.


When nerves are severely damaged they can go from being painful to being numb, and when this happens to an area like the hands or feet, injuries are much more likely to occur.

Locking Joints

In severe cases of arthritis, the joints will lock or catch when they try to move as they should—locked shoulder and gnarled fingers are common signs of severe cases of joint deterioration.

Loss of Mobility

As a case of arthritis progresses, it can get more and more painful to move the affected area so people become less active which can actually make the condition worse and cause further loss of mobility.


When nerves and joints are damaged, especially when arthritis has been a problem for many years, the areas affected can become weak due to the damage and the decrease in normal use.

Joint Swelling

Arthritis can cause fluid to build up in the joints which adds to the pain and stiffness and makes it that much harder to move and use the joints like one normally would.

Arthritis can hit any joint of the body but it is most common in the large joints such as the shoulder, knees, and hips. It is also commonly seen in the hands and feet as well as any of the vertebra of the spine. Here at Riverside Pain Physicians, we focus a great deal on arthritis pain in Jacksonville. Our team of experts has helped many of our patients with their arthritis symptoms—and we can do the same for you!

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