If You Suffer with Chronic Pain, Eat More of These Foods

Posted on July 2, 2021

If you live with chronic pain, your pain physician may recommend one or more treatment options for relief, depending on your individual pain condition. Those options may include exercise/physical therapy, activity restrictions, minimally invasive procedures or pain medication, or any combination of these as is called for by your specific pain diagnosis. Regardless of which […]

Living with Chronic Pain Can Be Like a Rollercoaster Ride

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Anyone who lives with chronic pain can tell you that it’s truly life-altering. Activities that were previously taken for granted may become a challenge, and everyday routines that were once normal can ultimately become impossible to maintain. Here are just a few of the many struggles chronic pain sufferers are all too familiar with: When […]

When Loved Ones Suffer with Chronic Pain, Here’s How You Can Help.

Posted on May 11, 2021

When someone you love is living with chronic pain, you may feel helpless to bring them relief. And aside from helping them with tasks to lighten the load, there may not be a lot you can do about the physical aspects of their condition. But many people who suffer from chronic pain may also experience […]

How to Manage Your Chronic Pain When You Travel

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If you live with chronic pain, traveling can be a real challenge; one you might avoid altogether if possible. But sometimes traveling is necessary, and with many modes of travel re-opening after previous pandemic lockdowns, it’s once again becoming commonplace to take a plane, train or ship to your next far-away destination. Still, millions of […]

How Good News Can Help Relieve Your Chronic Pain

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It seems these days there’s no shortage of troubling news out there, and thanks to current events, many people are feeling more stressed out than ever before. It’s not unusual to be adversely affected on a mental and emotional level by an over-abundance of worries and disruptions in everyday life. But after a while, these […]

No One Understands Your Chronic Pain the Way You Do

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If you suffer from chronic pain symptoms, you’ve probably become something of an expert on the subject. You know about your pain; what activities cause it or make it worse, what time of night or night it happens most frequently, what not to do to increase your pain symptoms and what remedies help to relieve […]

How the Vaccine Development Process Works

Posted on December 8, 2020

Since development in the late 1700’s, the use of vaccines has been profoundly beneficial in reducing or eliminating the spread of viral diseases. Thanks to this ‘miracle of modern science’, infectious diseases such as smallpox and polio have been effectively halted in their tracks. Fast forward to 2020, as the world awaits a life-saving vaccine […]